Needle seat under microscope.

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Needle seat under microscope.

Postby Areomyst » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:14 pm

Hey gang,

Recently I was doing some work on a 1979 Vespa and I took a couple of photos that I thought would be fun to share. I was having a lot of trouble with fuel leaks on account of a bad needle and seat. I had a spare from one of my Vespa engines laying around, so I closely inspected both. To the naked eye, neither seat looked too bad. I put the seats under a microscope, and was surprised at how bad one of the seats was! Check it out:

2018-02-23_12-39-08-PM.jpg (38.26 KiB) Viewed 395 times

2018-02-23_12-37-54-PM.jpg (47.03 KiB) Viewed 395 times

I guess the moral of the story, is that you can always look closer at something and learn more from it.

"The more a man learns, the more he realizes how little he knows."

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