Project "the Drug War" '05 LC S9

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Project "the Drug War" '05 LC S9

Postby Dabby-D » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:59 am

2005 Kymco Super 9 LC 50cc
Motor: SH10B (Recalled) Possible unlimited mile warranty? Unique rare engine code

So I started this project to produce a race quality US model S9 while still maintaining a small level of street dignity (Barely-Legal). The main ideas that I have that are considerably different by manufacturer designs and utilizing what is available in carburetor, rotor, and water-pump technology to set myself apart while trying to achieve a bit more ponies then the other guys. So using a multi-jet-nozzle Yoshimura 24mm carburetor that uses carburetor misting nozzles with holes in the needle allowing more flow versus the pin style with the limited flow from one hole. The difference in the electrical is to maintain my Accessories and switches while still opting for a racing inner rotor setup. Drag occurs in this system by use of the 12v power and also from the water pump attached to the crank. By setting up an Artek K2 digital inner rotor w/light I will maintain the 12v accessories. I plan to remove the manual water-pump and replace it with a 12v water pump to reduce physical drag and apply it to digital drag, which can be adjusted a bit easier, Thus being my concept for the advantage. I also want to add additional flow coolers instead of just looping my coolant lines to try and add additional safeties for overheating issues, I want to really keep this setup cool for longer travels.


Cylinder: 73.8cc (T6) Airsal Aluminum sport cylinder
Intake Manifold: Naraku spacer to minerelli & 24mm/32mm intake manifold
Reeds: (soon) Malossi
Carburator: 19mm PHGB AS w/100MJ
Air Filter: Malossi E5 38mm red air filter w/ chrome weather guard
Water pump: (soon) Naraku 12v water pump
Exhaust: Technigas Next-R
Crank: Stock
Oil pump: Stock


Battery: Chrome-Pro I-gel YTX5L-BS w/ LED self test indicator
Stator: (Soon) Artek K2 digital inner rotor w/light
Coil: Naraku V.2 Hi Output Racing coil
Spark Plug: NGK Platinum B8EGV spark plug
CDI: Searching for compatible unrestricted unit.

Variator: Malossi multivar w/9g rollers
Clutch: Malossi Delta MHR w/white springs (soon) Stage6 R/T
Torque driver: (soon) Stage6
Clutch bell: (soon) Stage6 R/T 17009
Contra spring: White springs (sport)
Gear-up: Stock (soon) Fabrication
Belt: Malossi MHR X-Kevlar


Tires: Maxxis Maxx Daddy 130/70/12 M6024 Dirt Tires
Front Forks: (soon) Fastace AE01RCP adjustable
Rear shock/s: (soon) Racingbros bazooka 4.0

Headlights: Chemeleon purple-chrome headlight tint
Radiator: red mesh for grill
Handlebar Stem: (soon) Str8-TNT
Handlebars: (soon) Downhill bars
Handlebar pad: (soon) Stage6
Exhaust: Red Insulation Wrap
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