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my chuckus

Postby ch66s6r » Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:33 pm


so here it is. i got it on tuesday at like 6pm. i stayed up til about 11pm putting it together. when i first bolted it all together i charged the battery for a bit and filled up the tires and cruised it around the block. it felt really good to ride. has decent pick up even though i didnt really open it up all the way. one thing i noticed is that there is alot of vibration noise. anyway...i parked it overnight in my garage and left the battery charger on over night and the next day i woke up really early and turned it on and nothing. turned out i overcharged the battery and blew a fuse but the scooter came with a spare. so i replace the spare, replaced the battery with a duralast gold, i bought a new ngk spark plug but i havent installed the spark plug cuz ive never done that before, but i plan on doing over my day off with the help of you tube. also im gonna change the engine oil and gear oil. so anyway...after buying all this i came home installed the battery and i took it out to work (like a mile from where i live) and i stopped at a gas station next door to my work cuz it felt like the front tire might be low on air, and it was. so i filled it up, and cruised on to work. but after work i checked the tire pressure and again...low. so i aired up again and i noticed that i can feel air coming out of the valve stem. so i rode home and parked in my garage. and thats it...i dont know if i can take it to any tire place and they might b able to fix it or do i need to take it to a place that specializes in scoots? would something like fixaflat work temporarily? advice anyone?
i still needa order new fuel/vacuum lines and change the oil, ill do that this coming week. i also wanna change my air filter, im posting a pic. can anyone tell me if i can replace with a regular universal k&n style cone filter.

ill post more pics when i get a chance. but yeah i love this thing. definitely not as well built as a honda, the plastic battery box is kinda flimsy,the gauges feel really cheap. the seat is really basic, everything is really basic but definitely fun to ride and i cant wait to get all the bugs out of the way. let me know what u guys think. and any advice is well appreciated. [/img]

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Postby Areomyst » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:12 am

For the tire problem, you can get a bottle of soapy water and spray it around the valve stem and on the tire... the leak will show up as bubbles, and you can decide what to do from there. Sometimes all you need to do is screw the schrader valve into the valve stem a little more and the leak is fixed. Other times you need to change the valve stem, or even re-mount or replace the tire - it just depends on where the leak is.

I hope this helps. :)

I would double check the fuel line routing on that scooter. I've had a few of them come into the shop with badly kinked fuel lines that caused running problems at extended full throttle operation.

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