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About the forum background.

Postby Areomyst » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:57 am

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I wanted to take a brief moment to give you some information about the graphic that is now the active background of our forum. Credit is due to Jason (SLOWRIDER) for permission to use his photo at the very top of the image - in said photo he's racing his Kymco ZX50 in the Scooterthon 15 hour endurance race at Lakeside. In that race, they placed 3rd outright. Top speed 56 mph revs 11200. It's an awesome machine, and still only 50cc at that!

The other photos in the image were used with permission from Ben Jones, who is the owner of those photos. I used photos from the 2013 Twist N Gone burnout contest because the colors and the smoke blended well together to make the images easily joined and modified. On the very bottom left is me, on my Kymco Super 9. In the center is Daniel O (he won the contest!) on his custom 250 with E-ton plastics and a scratch-built frame. Unfortunately I can't remember who is on the far right of the image on a Super 8.

The parts diagrams are of a Minarelli LC engine (left) and a QMB139 (right).

I'm not terribly good with photo editing and such, but I have tried to give the site a modern look while keeping the graphics subtle enough to no distract too much from the content. I also wanted to include a bit of the racing element as I (and many others here) find it to be pretty exciting.

I hope you guys like it!

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