Greetings from New England

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Greetings from New England

Postby 49ccruiser » Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:40 pm

My names Pete and I ride a 49cc scooter. I like to ride every weekend and if I sneak home from work early enough I'll do a 25 mile jaunt. My longest cruise so far is 52. 5 miles but I'd like to double that. With all the hills here in Connecticut I'm averaging 18.5 mph while on the curvy flats I average 23mph. I HAVE found my speedometer on my Chinese scooter is a bald faced liar. At the lower speeds it's a little off but not bad. At the other end when it says I'm doing 52mph, GPS says it's 42mph! Good to know when I need to merge with traffic.

Anyway I'm saving for a 200cc scooter but I'm loving the 49cc. Been riding since June.


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