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New Member from New Bern

Postby 1j9l9f0 » Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:50 pm

Good Evening Guys and Gals,

My Name is Jeff I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, living in New Bern, NC going to college full time right now. Broke my back in an accident while on active duty and now I am trying to adjust to continue to be productive.

I purchased my second scooter three days ago for $400, its amazing, fresh rebuild, new carb, 40mph, 101mpg. Its awesome. Its a deep green metallic, and lifan brand. GY6 engine.

Currently I want to do a PFI, but I either want to do a rebuild myself to the engine, at least replace the gaskets and build it up a little better. I wanna make sure everything is going to last, replace the fluids, tune up it, custom seat because I need a back rest for me and passengers.

Plan for the scooter to be rebuilt later with a larger bore on the cylinder maybe 75cc. But eventually im going to do an extreme build on a RUCKUS or my current rig.


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Postby 1j9l9f0 » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:19 pm

To begin working on my scooter I am going to get the following tools. This should handle everything, but the most specific specialty jobs.

1.3/8" socket set (10mm - 19mm sockets, socket wrench, and a few different sized extensions)
2.8mm - 22mm wrenches - either open end or combination
3.12" cresent wrench for those bigger nuts
4.Hammer, along with a few pin punches and cold chisels
5.Standard and needle nose pliers
6.Channel lock pliers
7.Wire cutters
8.Vise grip pliers (the all purpose tool! Be sure to get a good brand like Vice Grip or Craftsman)
9.3mm - 8mm allen wrenches
10.Assorted #1, #2, #3 phillips screwdrivers and a few flat blade screwdrivers
11.Impact wrench (a hand impact is about $20, an electric or air impact will be more expensive)

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Postby Triesandluth » Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:16 am

Welcome and thanks for your service! I used to live in Jacksonville, NC and went to New Bern often. Sounds like you've gotten one of those, in my opinion, rare gy6 scoots that are beasts. Congrats! I have one myself that still amazes me every time I ride it, almost stock. It has put my "better" branded, nicer scooters to shame many of times and it's always ready to go when I need it.
If you have a harbor freight nearby you should definitely get in with their email coupon mess. That'll save you some cash and they have a great electric impact that costed me less than forty bucks, I may have used their twenty percent off coupon. Best investment yet.
Something you may want to add to the list would be a set of feeler gauges for your valves. Maybe a plug gap tool as well for the plug chops that you may be doing with some of your mentioned mods.
I could go on and on with other tools that I have been purchasing over the past few months for special diagnostic reasons or other not as basic tune ups.
Any how, be safe out there!
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