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Postby Bromer » Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:52 am

Well its been a while since my intro.I have not had a great deal of time recently but finally managed to get the scoot the carb and some time with the multimeter and a new cdi unit got her running.Now to get her MOT ready(a legally required certificate of roadworthyness). Needs a new exhaust, the soft drink can held in place with hose clips covering the three inch hole is not going to work.the fork seals need done,though the forks may be too badly pitted.I think new brakepads are needed up front, the alleged new ones fell apart when I dropped the forks out.
Just as well I bought it because I enjoy working on them as well as riding them.

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Postby Areomyst » Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:18 pm

It sounds like you've still got a bit of work cut out for you. The Super 9 is worth it though. Forgive me if this was covered in an earlier topic, but if it's a liquid cooled bike you may also want to check that the water pump is in good shape. If the seals have gone bad you should see tell tale signs of coolant having leaked at the "inspection hole" just under the water pump body.

Lately, I've been using Arrow exhausts on the Kymco engines. I'm pretty happy with them. They don't quite have the power output that the Leo Vince ZX did, but they make good power at lower RPM and they're perfect for every day street use.

For other factory bits, Racing Planet might have what you need - like fork seals and such. Around here OEM spec parts are a bit tougher to get, so I've had to lean on RP a few times.


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