tao tao atm50-a1 keeps shutting off

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tao tao atm50-a1 keeps shutting off

Postby offthewall2389 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 8:58 am

My scooter I bought last year through a friend would not start, so I took the carb off and found the pin to be bent and ordered a new one replaced it and finally the scooter started. The problem now is it will not stay on for more than 30 seconds, what can i do next to figure this problem out?

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Re: tao tao atm50-a1 keeps shutting off

Postby Areomyst » Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:59 pm

It could be a few different things. I probably sound like a broken record, but I strongly recommend checking the valve lash adjustment very frequently on the Tao Tao scooters.

You problem could be fuel related again though. Perhaps you should check your vacuum lines and make sure they are all securely attached and not dry-rotted. If it runs for 30 seconds and then dies, it indicates that it's possible that there is a problem when the vacuum lines and the fuel petcock is not opening properly to supply enough fuel to the carb, and then your carburetor bowl runs out of fuel.

Still, there are many other things that can be causing the problem, but I think you should look there first. It's simple, quick and cheap.

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