R50x crank

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R50x crank

Postby Triesandluth » Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:17 am

Just thought I'd throw this onto this forum as well, in case anyone with any useful advice would like to chime in.
I'm planning to replace the crankshaft on one of my tgb r50x cases. The stock replacement I've found is okay, but I'm worried that it may have the same unreliability at higher rpms like the stock crank. I'd hate to ruin a new polini kit because of an inferior crank.
I've followed someone that has put a malossi hpc for italijet morini in his and yeah into a few little issues, taper for flywheel being slightly different, threads for variator nut being right hand instead of left, making it to where you have to find an Italijet kick-start Assembly to use it, and maybe just a few more issues.
Has anyone ANY experience in this area? Is really like to shove a different crank than stock into it, maybe a Minarelli crank so that I have more that 2 choices of variator for it. But that's a whole different can of mess to open. Any suggestions or input is welcome and Appreciated!
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Re: R50x crank

Postby Areomyst » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:37 pm

Unfortunately, the Morini engines just don't have a lot of tuning options. The crankshafts are a known weak point - but then, so are the oil pumps! There was some kind of recall on a lot of TGB units years back that was related to the oil pumps, and plumbing the oil lines so that the big end bearing on the rod was lubricated better.

I think you most practical option is to disable the oil pump and pre-mix your oil and fuel at a 32:1 ratio (4 oz per gallon, easy enough).

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