Kymco Super 9 questions

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Kymco Super 9 questions

Postby Raindrop586 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:27 am

Whats up guys Rain here . And got some super 9 ?

What Handel bar kit fits on the 9 ?

Is the top racing crank really necessary ?

and the racing bearing kit ?

so far im running all malossi

70 bbk
malossi var kit
malossi delta clutch and bell
malossi belt
malossi carb kit
malossi torque driver

still waiting on carb and intake ? hope it makes a diff !

but any tips would be awesome

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Re: Kymco Super 9 questions

Postby Areomyst » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:44 pm

Quite a late reply - sorry about that.

The OEM crankshafts are actually pretty good. On my latest build on my racing Super 9 I changed the connecting rod, but that was because I wanted to fit a different cylinder, and the different connecting rod allowed me to do so.

It sounds like you have a pretty nice setup, but I haven't had good luck with the Malossi belts on KYMCO engines. They seem to do just fine on Minarelli and Piaggio 2t engines, but I've seen a lot of them fail prematurely on our Super 9's. I like the OEM belt the best really.

Please keep us posted on any progress with the bike.


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Re: Kymco Super 9 questions

Postby scootertrog » Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:53 am

Malossi Torque Driver should have the little lip machined off to work properly. I'm sure I posted a "How-To" somewhere on the forum site. If not here, then over on the Yahoo Super9 group site. Personally, I like the Malossi belts, but they have a very short lifespan and just "blow up" without warning. The OEM belt will just stretch out and you'll know it's time to change it. Agree about the OEM crank - it's pretty robust and not a concern with the other parts you are considering.

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