Replacing the bad speedometer cluster (Rocketa MC-68A-150)

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Replacing the bad speedometer cluster (Rocketa MC-68A-150)

Postby jrocket » Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:49 am

We have a scooter that's been remarkably reliable (we've had it since new) -- the only problems were bad carb from sitting & ignition key seems to like to stop working a lot (replacing it is simple enough)

However, one bit has always bugged me to no end -- the speedometer is really bad. I am going to take out the mechanical gauge and put in a digital one. There gauge/needle part is simple -- but it's the pickup I need help with...

Has anyone converted a cable to digital pulse? I can do a hall or mag sensor but trying to keep it looking stock ("normal" as my wife says) as possible.

It seems that things (like the rubber bit over the odometer reset) is impossible to get and you need to just "replace" large parts...

Thanks for any thoughts / ideas.

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